How do tank terminals save money by upgrading analytical capabilities?

Register for this live event – and learn how you can easily upgrade your analytical capabilities.

During the event, learn how to:

  • Be certain about the quantity and quality of products entering and leaving your tank farm
  • Ensure your end customers get high-quality products
  • Avoid future customer complaints and protect your reputation

We will put on a demonstration of our products, too. Find out how to:

  • Characterize crude oil at delivery
  • Determine optimal storage conditions
  • Certify fuels and lubricants
  • Conduct precise account settlement

Four Anton Paar experts will be showcasing our tank terminal instrument portfolio:

  • Dr. Barbara Klug-Santner, product manager of density meters
  • Dr. Kenji Yamamoto, product manager of instrumentation for flash point testing
  • Peter Boerner, product manager of our distillation units
  • Tobias Fleiss, product manager of viscometers

After the demo, there will be a live Q&A with our experts.


Dr. Barbara Klug-Santner, Dr. Kenji Yamamoto, Peter Börner, Tobias Fleiss (English)
Dr. Barbara Klug-Santner, Dr. Kenji Yamamoto, Peter Börner, Tobias Fleiss (English)
Barbara Klug-Santner

Barbara Klug-Santner obtained her PhD at the Institute for Environmental Biotechnology at the Technical University of Graz. She has been working at Anton Paar since 2006. In the last 13 years she has become an expert in density measurement and is currently working as a product manager for the portable density meters, the small benchtop density meters, and the Millikelvin thermometers.

Kenji Yamamoto

Dr. Kenji Yamamoto is the global product manager for flash and fire point testers at Anton Paar ProveTec GmbH. With his background in physics, chemistry, and 4 years of experience in flash and fire point testing he is constantly working to develop new, innovative products.

Peter Börner

Peter Börner is the global product manager for atmospheric distillation at Anton Paar Provetec, Germany.

Tobias Fleiss

Tobias Fleiss is the global product manager for SVM kinematic viscometers and Lovis 2000 M/ME rolling ball viscometers at Anton Paar GmbH, Austria.


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