From the Brewmaster: Tips, Tricks, and Managing Oxygen

Like many brewers, Gebhard Sauseng began brewing his own beer as nothing more than a hobby. Years later, Gebhard is the brewmaster at Sudhaus, the craft brewery located on the campus of the Anton Paar global headquarters in Graz, Austria.

Over the years, Gebhard has brewed a wide variety of beers, used almost every type of measuring instrument, and fine-tuned his processes to manage extract, alcohol, and oxygen during every step of beer production.

In this live presentation, Gebhard will discuss all things brewing and beer measurement. The presentation will feature tips and tricks that he has picked up over the course of his brewing career. He will also discuss key measuring parameters for brewers, with a focus on how to manage oxygen during all parts of the brewing process.

Specific topics will include:

  • Extract monitoring throughout the brewing process
  • Alcohol measurement
  • CO2 and O2 measurement
  • Best practices for bottling
Gebhard Sauseng (English)

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