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PC Academy 02/2019

PC Academy 02/2019


This workshop is aimed at those new to particle characterization or those who have used, or are using sieving method and would like to learn more about dynamic light scattering and laser diffraction technique.

By the end of this workshop,you will be able to:

  • Understand basic particle characterization theory 
  • Design meaningful experiments to characterize your samples

The one day workshop includes both theoretical and practical sessions.












Date: 2019-05-16 , 09:00 - 17:00
Venue: Petaling Jaya, مليسيا , Anton Paar Malaysia Sdn Bhd Petaling Jaya
Language: English
Number of participants: 10
Trainer: Simon Choo

Simon Choo is the Application Manager for Anton Paar Malaysia since September 2018, and has been providing pre and after sales and services application support, through presenting seminars and generating road show programs, and also by conducting various training courses.

Prior, for more than 4 years, he has managed a scientific testing and analytical laboratory together with 3 Application Specialists; providing application and technical support for presales, post sales, paid sample analysis, as well as conducting seminars and training courses. The lab provides XRD and XRF, Fusion, NIR, Laser Diffraction, DLS and ELS, Stability and Shelf Life, NTA, and Nanoparticles creation services.

Simon Choo holds a Bachelor of Science – Winona State University, MN, USA

Costs: Free
End of registration: 2019-05-10

Contact person and registration:
Nordiana Ahmad
Tel.: 03-76697888[at]