Weight to volume conversion of cosmetic products by means of density measurement

Frequently, a cosmetic product is transferred into a package by means of weight. To state the volume on the package or on the label, the density of the cosmetic product is needed for the conversion of weight to volume.

How much volume is in the package?

Filling cosmetic products or liquid or paste-like items of personal care into tubes or cosmetic jars is frequently done by transferring product into the empty package until the desired weight is reached. Not only in Europe[1,2] but also in other regions[3] there are regulations requiring that the labelling must indicate the volume in the case of liquid products (in e.g. milliliters or liquid ounces).

Producers and fillers of cosmetic products have to fill exactly the amount that is stated on package or label for two simple reasons: overfilling means adding too much valuable product resulting in output reduction of readily filled packages. Under-filling deceives end users, is illegal and results in fines. Thus, it is easy to see that a reliable procedure is in demand to comply with requirements and keep the required filling volume within limits.

To express the product’s weight in terms of volume, the density ρ of the respective creams, cosmetics or skin care products is needed. Depending on the required accuracy and conditions, several Anton Paar digital density meters offer themselves for fast and accurate measurement of the density which is needed for weight to volume conversion.


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