Viscosity | General | L-Vis 510- and L-Vis 520 Ex-specific basics of viscosity and comparison of lab and process viscosity values

The reliable L-Vis 510 and L-Vis 520 Ex process viscosity sensors are the ideal solution for measuring the viscosity of various and demanding process fluids inline and in real time. This document summarizes the key fundamentals for (inline) viscosity measurement.

The L-Vis 510 and L-Vis 520 Ex process viscosity sensors from Anton Paar feature reliable and robust inline viscosity measurement even under challenging process conditions and provide measured values in real time. This enables 24/7 monitoring of continuous or discontinuous processes, real-time release or allows product identification based on viscosity. The results of the process measurement can be easily correlated to the existing laboratory measurements. As a result, L-Vis 510 and L-Vis 520 Ex can display the viscosity in the process at a glance. Thus, the number of required laboratory measurements can be reduced to a minimum. This document provides an overview of the basics of viscosity in general and regarding process measurements in particular, and explains what to consider when comparing process and laboratory values.

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