'Under Pressure' - Automated Measurement of Volatile Substances

Easy and reliable measurement of samples with elevated vapor pressure and/or low boiling point using Xsample 530 and the Pressurized Measurement Unit (PMU). By applying pressure to the complete system via the PMU, evaporation or formation of gas bubbles is suppressed.


Some samples or formulations may contain volatile components or are even low viscous as well, therefore the loss of evaporating compounds is a problem. Bubble formation or changes in the composition of the formulation can lead to false results, making measurements of these types of sample challenging. For this reason special measuring conditions under pressure are required to keep all components together to obtain reliable and true results.[1]

The setup SVM 3001 in combination with Xsample 530 and a Pressurized Measurement Unit (PMU) is suitable e.g. for the following samples:

  • Solvents or low viscosity samples with a boiling point close to the measuring temperature
  • Crude oils containing volatile components
  • Samples containing volatile compounds
  • Samples containing microbubbles

This report presents test methods for automated measurements of kinematic and dynamic viscosity of coatings containing volatile compounds as well as performing calibrations with low viscous standards, such as N.4, N.8, N1.0 and N2 to obtain optimal results. 

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