TORC 5000 | Chemical | The Curing Reaction of Solvent-Based Paints & Coatings

Vaporization plays an important role for curing time, stability and spreading property

The properties of paint highly depend on the type and amount of solvent. Most of us have probably experienced it, when painting a wall. The paint and coating manufacturers often change the composition of their paints due to a better, cheaper process, or for health regulations (avoiding hazardous solvents). For this reason the manufacturers has to test the properties of the new formulations. The curing time plays and important role because it defines the time of application for the coating and paints. Further it is influenced by temperature and humidity. The TORC technique allows the easy testing of curing time and behavior at different environmental conditions. The open measurement geometry provides a unique close to real application analysis. This allows the user to test different mixtures and components during the development and allows later on a reliable quality control in the production.

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