Thin Film Characterization of Multiphase Acrylic Latex using Atomic Force Microscope

Grain analysis, surface topography and phase analysis of multiphase acrylic latex thin film by means of Tosca AFM.


Acrylic latex paint is one of the water based paints which is widely used in various applications. Compared to oil based paint, it has significant environmental advantages such as less odor, simple water cleanup and less drying time. It has good resistance to photo degradation and is widely used for exterior paints. Compared to latex paint, it is more resistant to hydrolysis and saponification which makes it more applicable for alkaline substrates and for applications in high humidity environments.

In this report Tosca, the atomic force microscope from Anton Paar GmbH, was used to characterize the surface of a thin film of multiphase acrylic latex dispersion deposited onto stainless steel.

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