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Although a vast quantity of pharmaceutical products is nowadays available, the number of people who seriously suffer or even die because of the lack of appropriate medication is increasing annually. Obviously, there is clear demand for improvement of the drug discovery processes. Since microwaves dramatically reduce reaction times, dedicated reactors can actively help to speed up these life saving processes.


Malaria is an infection that represents a major public health issue. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 300-500 million people are infected annually, and the number of deaths exceeds one million.1

Due to growing parasite resistance to classical antimalarial treatments, there is an urgent need for new drug candidates.

Lapachol was the first naphthoquinone which was discovered to possess antimalarial activity.

Indeed, this class of compounds shows a broad spectrum of important biological activities, therefore the following study describes the synthesis of lapachol related compounds which were tested for antimalarial activity.

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