Structural AFM Study of the Eye of a Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Tosca 400, a highly automated and easy to use atomic force microscope, was successfully used to detail the surface of the eye of an insect.

The multicolored Asian lady beetle was released many times in the south of the US by the United States Department of Agriculture between 1916 and 1985 as a potential biological control agent. By the late 1990’s it could be found throughout the US. Its availability makes it a great specimen to study the structure of the eye of a small insect. In this report we use Tosca™ 400, a high-end, highly automated atomic force microscope developed by Anton Paar, to image the surface of the compound eye of the multicolored Asian lady beetle.


The beetle was harvested and the eye fixed to a microscope slide for observation. Images at increasing zoom were taken with Tosca™ 400 at ambient conditions. Scan size decreases from 50 x 50 μm to 200 x 200 nm and resolution is 800 x 800 for all images.

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