Stainless Steel Surface Roughness by Atomic Force Microscope

Tosca AFM determines the surface roughness of stainless steel in accordance with ISO 25178 and yields the 3D micro-surface morphology.


Surface roughness is a key factor for corrosion resistance in stainless steel, and products must conform to the European standard. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a convenient way to analyze stainless steel surfaces and characterize the surface roughness according to ISO 25178. In this report, three samples are analyzed by using Tosca – the AFM from Anton Paar.


Three stainless steel 1.6582 samples polished to different roughness levels were imaged using Tosca in tapping mode at ambient conditions. Several positions were measured for each sample to calculate an average surface roughness by using the root mean square of the height, according to ISO 25178. All acquired images are 30 x 30 μm.

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