Solids in Tomatoes

Determination of soluble solids in tomato products by refractive measurement of °Brix and acidity by pH probe can easily help to ensure the quality of tomatoes and their processed products.

It isn’t just the no.1 Italian culinary exports pizza and pasta that require tomatoes. The tasty fruits are popular ingredients for many dishes around the globe, both in their natural and processed form. The worldwide tomato production in 2010 reached almost 146 million tons, with the major producing countries being China, USA and India. In the USA, 90 % of all tomatoes are grown in California.

Tomatoes are mainly composed of water, soluble and insoluble solids and organic acids, making soluble solid contents and pH major quality parameters in tomato producing and processing industries. In 2005, nearly 80 % of all consumed tomatoes in the US were in the processed form. 


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