Petro | ASTM1218 RI Dispersion of Hydrocarbons

Refractive index and refractive dispersion are physical properties that can be used to characterize pure hydrocarbons and their mixtures. The Abbemat refractometers from Anton Paar are ideal for this application and in compliance with ASTM D1218.

Pure hydrocarbons and their mixtures are all around us. In order to do a fast and easy quality control, the refractive index can be determined. Moreover, the refractive index at different wavelengths, also referred to as refractive dispersion, can also be determined. Both the refractive index and refractive dispersion are fundamental physical properties that are often measured in combination with other physical properties such as density or viscosity. These combination measurements allow a characterization of pure hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon mixtures. The determination of the refractive index or refractive dispersion is demanded by the ASTM standard 1218: Standard Test Method for Refractive Index and Refractive Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Liquids.

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