Nanoscale Investigation of Multilayer Graphene Flakes using Contactless Electrical Modes of Tosca Atomic Force Microscope

Graphene is a 2D material with promising physical and electronic properties and has been widely studied because of its potential applications in next-generation electronics, photovoltaics and life science. The contactless electrical modes of atomic force microscope Tosca were used to accurately characterize the material and functional properties of graphene flakes on nanometer scale.


Graphene was discovered, isolated and characterized by A.K Geim and K.S. Novoselov in 2004[1]. They were able to isolate a monolayer of graphene from a piece of graphite by using an ordinary Scotch tape. The authors received the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for “groundbreaking experiments regarding the twodimensional graphene[2].

Graphene is made of sp2 –hybridized carbon atoms arranged in a one-atom-thick hexagonal (honeycomb) lattice structure[3]. This twodimensional (2D) material is a basic building block for all graphitic materials of other dimensionalities; it can form a zero-dimensional (0D) quantum dots, it can be rolled into one-dimensional (1D) nanotubes or stacked to form three-dimensional (3D) graphite.

Graphene has remarkable mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties. It is one of the thinnest (thickness of 0.345 nm), strongest (about 100 times stronger than steel) and lightest material known to exist with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to its unique electronic characteristics, graphene has been viewed as a promising candidate to replace conventional siliconbased electronics. Moreover, graphene has an enormous potential in many applications such as semiconductors, photovoltaics, life science, energy storage, printable transparent electronics and many others.


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