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Microwave-assisted Acid Digestion of Cannabis Products

Due to the continuously growing prevalence of cannabis not only for medical use the quantitative measurement of element contaminations is also increasingly required. The use of HVT vessels with SMART VENT technology offers a convenient and reliable sample preparation option prior to spectroscopic analysis.


Cannabis, one of the earliest cultivated plants, originates from central Asia or northern parts of south Asia.

Being quite robust, the plant has since not only been used as medicine, but also for food-, textile-, and many other industries. Starting in the 19th century the significance of cannabis as medication increased considerably having shown beneficial effects in the treatment of pain, mood disorders, and inflammatory diseases.

However, when other medicinal products, such as morphine or opium were found to be harmful for the human metabolism and thus considered poisonous, the use of cannabis was also declared illegal in 1925.
In the last decades the prohibition of cannabis has been scrutinized and meanwhile sanctioned for medical use in  Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the UK, Israel and in some US states. Uruguay, Canada and Georgia are the first countries to already fully legalize the use of cannabis.

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