Metals | Continuous measuring of the oil concentration of cold rolling oil emulsions

The controlled monitoring of the oil concentration in rolling emulsions is an essential process to obtain metal products with a good surface finish and tight tolerances. With the cold rolling monitoring system and the sound velocity sensor L-Sonic 5100, Anton Paar provides the technology and expertise to guarantee a very efficient rolling process with low production costs.

Cold rolling

Cold rolling is a common forming process, in which the work piece is deformed between two or more rollers in order to reduce its thickness. It is typically used for the production of metal strips or sheets. The process is commonly deployed for metals like steel, aluminum or copper.

A reliable concentration measurement is a crucial parameter to avoid quality variations and deviations from the nominal value in the rolled end product. Anton Paar has many decades of experience and excellent know-how in monitoring of cold rolling oil emulsions and offers systems, based on the L-Sonic 5100- a well proven and highly accurate measurement tool to optimize the efficiency of the rolling process.

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