Material Brief - BET Surface Area (NSA) and STSA External Area of Carbon Black - NOVAtouch

Carbon black was analyzed using N2 (77 K) adsorption on the NOVAtouch LX4. The BET surface area (NSA) and statistical thickness (STSA) were calculated from the data following ASTM D6556.

Important properties for carbon black include the BET surface area (NSA) and the external surface area (STSA). Carbon black surface area affects application performance because it is directly correlated to particle size and porosity. For example, carbon blacks with higher porosity (i.e., higher surface area) can have more conductive properties. Procedures for measuring both BET (NSA) and STSA surface areas are given in ASTM D6556. The Anton Paar NOVAtouch LX4 complies with this international standard and was used to measure ASTM carbon black SRB 9C with the method given in the standard.

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