Liquids with Low Lubricity | SVM X001 with PEEK Rotor Bearings

Liquids with limited lubricating properties such as water-based samples open a wide field for viscosity measurements. Optional PEEK rotor bearings extend the application range of Anton Paar’s SVM x001 viscometer series.


SVM x001 viscometers were primarily developed for the measurement of oil samples – substances, which usually show excellent lubricating properties. Due to the design of the measuring system, the bearings of the viscosity cell require lubrication to work perfectly. These bearings are made of a combination of two ceramics. Ceramics typically have no self-lubricating properties. When measuring lube oil or other liquids with good lubricity, the bearings are slightly wetted by the oil which builds up a lubricant film. During rotation of the measuring rotor, the oil film supports the rotor bearings in their counterparts inside the measuring cell and within the measuring cell lock. This is called hydrodynamic lubrication. During measurement, the rotor runs smoothly at high speed, friction is low and the cell temperature is perfectly stable.

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