High-throughput Digestion of Food and Other Organic Samples

Laboratories in food industry as well as in food safety authorities have an ever increasing demand for fast, yet easy-to-use acid digestion of food and other organic samples for trace analysis of toxic elements. With Rotor 41HVT56 the SMART VENT technology was taken to a new level of high throughput.


Numbers of samples ... inhomogeneous samples ... high sample weight ... fast handling ... reliable digestion and short response time of quality control …

Well known terms and concepts, no matter which industry, production line or testing laboratory will be talked about.

By adding the Rotor 41HVT56 with 41 positions for HVT vessels to the Multiwave PRO platform system the throughput was raised to a new level. The concept of SMART VENT technology allows the HVT56 vessels releasing the reaction gases at a controlled pressure and thus maintaining a high digestion temperature during the whole digestion process. Therefore an excellent quality of digestion can be guaranteed.


The digestions were carried out in HVT56 vessels using Rotor 41HVT56 in Multiwave PRO. The digested solutions were measured with an Agilent 7500ce ICP-MS using He as collision gas to suppress polyatomic interferences.

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