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Here Comes the Sun - Using Laser Diffraction to Characterize Cosmetics

Nano- and microparticles are used in the cosmetics industry to enhance product performance and meet the high expectations of consumers. Particle size affects different properties such as skin feel, texture, color or UV absorbance. Moreover, the European Commission has issued a regulation to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products, making it necessary to characterize raw materials for cosmetic industry and final products. Here we demonstrate that the PSA is a wellsuited tool for characterizing different cosmetic products in terms of particle size distribution.


Nowadays it’s becoming ever more important for the cosmetics industry to create not only make-up and fragrance products, but also products containing many active components such as sunscreen or anti-aging components, able to provide multiple benefits at the same time. The cleaning effect, moisture balance, stimulation of the skin’s metabolism and protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation are some of the main purposes of the skin care cosmetics. Cosmetics for skin care contain substances, which support the homeostasis function, so that the skin is maintained in a beautiful and healthy condition.

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