Hardening, heat treating | Life time monitoring of quenching oils with SVM 3001 or SVM 4001

Quenching is a very critical part of the heat treatment process. Degradation or contamination of the quenching oil can lead to serious problems. Anton Paar’s SVM is a very fast and precise solution to obtain the viscosity and Viscosity Index which are very important quality parameters.

Why viscosity measurement?

Quenching oils facilitate the hardening of metal by controlling the heat transfer during quenching and additionally, they enhance wetting of the metal during quenching to minimize unwanted thermal gradients which could lead to distortion or cracking. During the quenching process, oil degradation like sludge or varnish formation and oil contamination by introduced water or by particles coming from work pieces can occur. These degradations or contaminations of the oil significantly change the maximum cooling rate and the maximum cooling temperature. This might result in distortion, cracking and non-uniformity of the metal properties.

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