Viscosity | General | Inline Viscometers L-Vis 510 and L-Vis 520 Ex

The L-Vis inline viscometry solution combines unique inline process technology with the know-how of the world leader in lab rheology. Applying the lowest shear rates in the process industry allows for best-in-class correlation results with lab instruments. This enables reliable inline measurement especially for samples with shear-dependent behavior – such as sanitary ceramic, shampoos, viscose, and dough – resulting in higher product quality and lower lab time.

Process viscometers have important applications in real-time quality and process control in a wide range of industrial processes. Established commercial instruments like rotational, vibrating, and capillary viscometers may suffer from in-adequate lifetime or insufficient performance in harsh applications. Typical problems are friction-loaded torque measurements, undefined shear rate, density dependence, limited sample replacement, small penetration depth, as well as pressure, vibration, and flow rate sensitivity.

The Anton Paar’s unique rotational process viscometer based on a fluid dynamic measurement principle can be used under harsh process conditions such as pressure and temperature variations. Also measurements of abrasive and inhomogeneous fluids and suspensions maintain excellent repeatability.

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