Full Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation of a Polymer Thin Film with Tosca series AFMs

Due to its unique design, Tosca AFM offers the exceptional possibility to investigate mechanical, electrical and magnetic sample properties on the same location with a single hardware set-up. In this report we describe the investigation of a polymer thin film sample by force distance curve, contact resonance amplitude imaging (CRAI) and Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM) with a single hardware set-up.


For some AFMs in the field it is necessary to operate with the entire AFM head (to take it out and put it back in) which is not only heavy and impractical, but also risky as the user operates with the entire AFM head, which is the “heart” of the instrument.

Tosca series AFMs have the z-sensor integrated in the very small and light “actuator body” without any wires or connectors, so the handling is safe and straightforward.

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