Fuels | Cold Flow Properties of Diesel Fuel (Cloud Point)

Besides kinematic viscosity and density according to ASTM D7042 and D4052, the new SVM 3001 Cold Properties with built-in optical cell now also determines the cloud point of diesel fuel simultaneously.


Diesel fuel needs to fulfill a number of parameters, such as density, kinematic viscosity or cold filter plugging point (CFPP) in order to satisfy various specifications (e.g. ASTM D975 or EN 590). While the cloud point is not explicitly specified for all diesel types and in all countries, it is nevertheless an important parameter. ASTM D6751 (B6 – B20) and D7467 (B100) require reporting the cloud point although there is no set limit. Many automated and manual test methods for the determination of the cloud point exist. SVM 3001 Cold Properties provides measurement of cloud point, density and kinematic viscosity in one go as a scan functionality. Furthermore, the instrument provides determination of kinematic viscosity and density within one method, both at standard and at low temperatures (e.g. for arctic and winter diesel qualities).  

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