From wort to bottle: beer production well looked after with Alex 500

The Alex 500 alcohol and extract meter represents a reliable lab-grade analyzer even in the smallest of breweries. This do-it-yourself analyzer makes craft brewers independent from external laboratories.

Not just a name

Alex 500 is an instrument for the determination of alcohol and extract content, calories, and the degree of fermentation in beer. Alex 500 determines the alcohol content in beer with an accuracy of 0.2 % v/v and measures the density with an accuracy of 0.001 g/cm³.

The instrument’s name is derived from Alcohol and extract: Only one meter measures all relevant beer parameters in all production steps. This allows taking immediate action based on one instrument’s results solely whenever necessary. As this is of particular importance for small breweries, Alex 500 is the answer to the wish list of many craft breweries.

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