Food | Fats and Oils - Important Parameters

The iodine number (iodine value) is a property to determine the degree of unsaturated fatty acids in oils or fats. The iodine number can be quickly and easily determined by refractive index measurement.

Naturally occurring fats (solid) and oils (liquid) are mixtures which are mainly composed of lipids, which means a mono-, di- and triglyceride of the trivalent alcohol glycerol.

98 % of oils and fats are composed of different triglycerides. A triglyceride is composed of a glycerol which is connected to 3 fatty acids (Figure 1-1), whereas a diglyceride is a glycerol connected to two fatty acids and a monoglyceride is connected to a single fatty acid. There is only little amount of monoglycerides (1 %) or diglycerides (3 %) in fats and oils.

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