Extraction of organochlorine pesticides in animal feed

Contaminations of animal feed by polychlorinated pesticides, like Lindane (γ-HCH) and its congeners, or DDT, are a considerable risk to human beings. Although the use of the polychlorinated pesticides was banned for several years, they are still frequently detected in fat containing material owing to their persistence, toxicology, lipophilic properties and bioaccumulation.

In order to accurately determine the accumulated polychlorinated compounds an efficient microwave-assisted extraction method was developed.


The extractions were performed with the microwave reaction system Multiwave 3000 (with Rotor 8SOLV and magnetic stirring device) by Anton Paar, which is the predecessor of Multiwave PRO SOLV. Using Rotor 16SOLV MF100 and the p/T-sensor the method is reliably adaptable to Multiwave PRO SOLV. The determination of the investigated organochlorine pesticides was carried out by GC-MS (Hewlett-Packard, HP6890 and HP5973) in SIM-Mode. Calibration was accomplished by internal standardization with isotope labeled standards.

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