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Determination of Static Friction

MCR tribometers from Anton Paar enable precise and reproducible measurements of tribological characteristics such as limiting friction and break-away forces.

Accurately determine the static friction for material selection and process optimization with an MCR tribometer

Static friction is the frictional resistance to motion by the system at rest. The value of the coefficient of friction just before the onset of motion is the limiting friction and the corresponding force responsible for setting the system in relative motion is the break-away force.

These values are essential in various applications such as gears, bearings, brakes, sliding glides, fishing equipment, conveyor systems, locks, etc.

Precision and reproducibility - Measurements with MCR tribometers

Determination of limiting friction requires highly precise force and motion control. MCR tribometers offer precision at the micro- to nanoscale along with high reproducibility. You can evaluate subtle differences in the static friction behavior of tribological systems and improve their efficiency with the help of an MCR tribometer.

You can choose between oscillation or rotation modes of testing to determine the limiting friction or break-away forces.

You benefit from superior environmental control with temperature ranges from -130 °C to 620 °C and humidity control between 5 % and 95 % relative humidity.

A motion control covering 9 decades in speed and deflection allows measurements of Stribeck curves revealing static friction and film formation properties in one measurement.

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