Cosmetics | Viscosity Measurement of Raw Materials for Cosmetic Products

Why measure viscosity?

For producers of oil-based cosmetic products, the viscosity is an essential parameter to be determined. The pure oils are used as raw materials and further checked in quality control, transported, stored, and processed. Since many pure oils show a freezing point close to ambient conditions, their viscosity has a crucial influence on the handling and processing of the ingredients. Moreover, finished retail products, such as creams or balsam oils, require a convenient application by customers at any time.

This report describes how to test various types of pure oils used as ingredients as well as oil-based finished products at the following temperatures which are relevant for storage, transportation, processing and final application: 40, 25, 20 , and 15 °C (104, 77, 68 and 59 °F).

Which instrument is used?

For the test of oil samples, the SVM 2001 is used. The SVM 2001 features a viscosity measuring cell and a density measuring cell which are filled in one go.

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