Correlation Between Standard Cup and Mini-Cup

Using the sample quantity stated in the standard for determining a flash point is not always possible. Sometimes a material is very expensive or only a small volume is available. As a solution Anton Paar offers the mini-cup for the TAG 4 flash point tester.

This Application Report describes the flash point determination with two different sample amounts: 50 mL standard test cup and 15 mL mini-cup. Flash point tests with 16 different samples were performed using the TAG 4 flash point tester to investigate whether the results achieved with the two cup sizes show an acceptable correlation which is in the reproducibility of the test method ASTM D56. A valid reproducibility would make it possible to use the minicup saving expensive sample material or to perform tests when only a small sample amount is available.

TAG 4 is an automatic closed-cup flash point tester for testing the flammability of a liquid. The flash point is the lowest temperature at which the vapors of a sample ignite upon the application of an ignition source. The two ignition systems of the TAG 4 give the user the flexibility to work with an electric or gas igniter: If the gas ignition is used, the electric igniter will automatically relight the gas flame during the test – making it a reliable and secure instrument. TAG 4 is applicable for liquids such as jet fuels, solvents, chemicals, etc.

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