Correct Adjustment of the Rheometer and Measurement of Standard Samples using RheoCompass

The air measurement is carried out to check the quality of the motor adjustment and the condition of the bearing. It is always performed as part of the measuring setup without sample. During the motor adjustment, the residual friction in the bearing is measured. The measured values are saved in the rheometer electronics and used for every measurement. With airbearing-supported motors, these values are extremely low. However, the friction can be noticeable at low torques; e.g., when measuring low-viscosity liquids at lower shear rates.


Main topics of this application report:

  • Preparing the rheometer
  • Air measurement and motor adjustment
  • Measurement of a standard calibration oil
  • Correct filling with calibration oils
  • Measurement of the Anton Paar reference sample PSTD 1000VE
  • Measurement of the Anton Paar reference samples polycarbonate and steel for the SRF
  • Frequently asked questions

Checking a rheometer requires an air measurement (for the sensitivity) and a measurement of a certified viscosity standard, also called a standard oil (for the absolute value).

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