Cora 5001 Autofocus Option simplifies Focus Optimization

As proper focus optimization is essential for the success of any Raman measurement but also one of the main pitfalls, Anton Paar’s Cora 5001 Raman spectrometer offers an automated focus adjustment.

Focus optimization is essential for Raman measurements as the intensity of Raman signals strongly depends on the focus position. Measuring without proper focus adjustment can either lead to a noisy spectrum or to additional signals of the packaging material. Anton Paar’s Cora 5001 Raman spectrometers offer software features to facilitate quick and easy focus adjustment. For instruments equipped with a sample compartment, a motorized focus adjustment is available including an autofocus. The Cora 5001 software shows a graphic representation of the current signal intensity versus the actual sample stage position giving the user an intuitive feedback on the progression of the focus optimization.This technical note describes a typical procedure to find the proper focus using the autofocus option of the focus optimization screen, which can be accessed from any measurement preparation screen by pressing the corresponding icon. The report highlights the ease and speed with which the optimal focus is determined

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