Chemistry | L-Vis Inline Viscometer: Temperature Compensation

The L-Vis inline viscometer solution combines unique inline process technology with the know-how of the world leader in lab rheology. Applying temperature compensation in the process industry generates best-in-class correlation results to reference values. This enables reliable inline measurement resulting in higher product quality and lower lab time.


The physical quantity ‘viscosity’ gives information on how thick a fluid is and how easily it flows. It is the resistance a fluid shows when being deformed. The flow behavior is basically influenced by 3 elements:

  1. The substance’s inner – molecular – structure. A highly viscous substance features tightly linked molecules. It resists deformation.
  2. The shear rate or the shear stress, respectively, as external force. This includes all kinds of actions: wiping, or pushing, or pulling a substance, or – most commonly - gravity. The influence further depends on the strength and on the duration of the external force.
  3. The ambient conditions: temperature and pressure. These parameters determine under which conditions a substance flows and which type of flow it develops. To measure viscosity, laminar flow is required.

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