Beverage | Soft Drinks | Monitoring ICUMSA Color of Sugar Syrups

Preparation of standardized sugar syrup consists of three major steps – dissolving granulated white sugar in water, filtration and decolorization. During decolorization ICUMSA color value is measured to control the process and prevent off-aromas. Anton Paar’s solution combines the inline photometer L-Col 6100 and refractometer L-Rix 5100 for real-time ICUMSA color monitoring. Users benefit from the reliable all-in-one-solution for optimized product quality and increased productivity.

Production of Sugar Syrup

During production of standardized sugar syrups crystal sugar is typically dissolved in water at a concentration between 60 – 70 °Brix. The solution is then filtered, decolorized and used for production of soft drinks, lemonades and juices. The ICUMSA color value determines the purity of the sugar solution. If above 25 IU (ICUMSA units), one can taste the residual off-aromas in the final product. After decolorization the value should remain below 25 IU.

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