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Beverage | Soft Drinks | Cobrix 2600 for the Soft Drink Industry

Carbonated soft drink (CSD) bottlers rely on monitoring dissolved CO2 and sugar content (°Brix) in the process to ensure constant beverage quality. For smaller CSD bottlers and breweries, which bottle CSDs occasionally, Cobrix 2600 is a cost-effective choice for low budgets. Simultaneous CO2 and sugar content measurement in non-alcoholic soft drinks with one sensor is now possible! Users benefit from a selective measurement and the advantages of a maintenance-free optical inline sensor.

Carbonated soft drink production

Syrup, containing sugar and flavors, and water are blended to a specific concentration and then car-bonated to the desired carbon dioxide (CO2) concen-tration. For a consistent taste of the produced soft drinks it is important, to keep the sugar and CO2 con-tent within a target concentration range.

Application of Cobrix 2600

By installing Anton Paar’s Cobrix 2600 sensor after mixing, carbonation and before the filler one can ac-complish continuous quality monitoring to ensure con-stant soft drink quality.

In the soft drink production process the Cobrix 2600 monitors the sugar and CO2 content before the bever-age is filled into bottles or cans. When the concentra-tion of sugar or CO2 is too low or too high, the mixing ratio or carbonation can be adjusted to correct the production process.

The Cobrix 2600 enables inline monitoring of CO2 concentration in any kind of beverages and additional sugar concentration (°Brix) monitoring of non-alcoholic carbonated soft drinks. Measurement of diet concentration is not possible.

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