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Bearing Characterization with Full Motion Flexibility and High Precision

MCR tribometers from Anton Paar allow for fast ball bearing characterization with superior motion, temperature and humidity control.

Screen and optimize lubricants and bearings quickly and reliably for any operating condition

MCR tribometers are easy to use and enable fast, precise and highly reproducible measurements. To investigate lubricant performance in a bearing or to characterize the bearing itself, the T-PTD200 and T-BTP tribology cell can be equipped with a rolling bearing attachment. With this setup, different bearing types can be measured under axial loads and defined environmental conditions.

As motion control covers 9 decades in speed and deflection, it allows for measurements of speed and load-dependent performance. You can adapt the motion profile freely for the specific application at hand. You can determine break-away torque with unmatched precision to evaluate the start-stop performance. 

From the tropics to arctic conditions:

  • Temperatures: -130 °C to 620 °C
  • Relative humidity: 5 % to 95 %
  • Inert gases can be used

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