Application Report ADU 5: Distillation of Reference Fluids (n-Hexadecane and Toluene)

Running a distillation with reference fluids is necessary to check the calibration status of the temperature measurement system in an automatic distillation unit.

Distillation tests are used to characterize the volatility of petrochemical products. These volatility characteristics are a critical measurement of the overall performance and safety of hydrocarbon-based fuels.

ADU 5 is a fully automated, stand-alone distillation unit which is operated by touchscreen interface. This makes it the ideal solution for performing high-precision atmospheric distillation tests for petroleum products. The unit is also prepared for automatic dry point detection.

According to ASTM D86 the verification of the temperature measuring device for Group 4 distillation is carried out with n-Hexadecane (cetane) and for Group 1 distillation with Toluene. The 50 % barometric pressure corrected, recovered temperature is compared with the nominal values specified in this standard method.

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