Application Report ADU 5: Distillation of B30 Diesel Fuel

The usage of biodiesel has been increasing in comparison to fossil fuels for the last years so that the standard committees plan to extend the existing standards ASTM D86 and ISO 3405.

This Application Report describes how to measure diesel fuel containing
30 % FAME according to ISO 3405-11 with the ADU 5. Furthermore, the precision according to ISO 3405-11 was determined. The reproducibility of the results gained with Anton Paar’s automatic distillation unit is shown; for this two ADU 5 instruments were used. With every instrument two tests were carried out to gain data for calculating the repeatability.

Biodiesel is a renewable, clean burning fuel and an alternative to mineral diesel. It is made prevalently of vegetable oils. Diesel fuel containing 30 % FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) is called B30 diesel fuel.

Due to the high demand on the market, ASTM and the ISO committee plan to extend the scope of ASTM D86 and ISO 3405 standards to diesel fuel blends containing up to 30 % FAME.

B30 diesel fuel shows different distillation characteristics compared to fossil diesel fuel. For example, not only the initial boiling point (IBP) of B30 diesel fuel is higher than the IBP of fossil diesel fuel, but also the temperature of the whole distillation process was higher as the result tables show. Due to the excellent heater performance, the ADU 5 is able to handle such boiling behavior. The following measurements demonstrate the suitability of the ADU 5 for testing B30 diesel fuel.

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