AFM Investigation of CMOS sensor lenses

The atomic force microscope Tosca 400 with Tosca Analysis software were used to study a micro lens array on a CMOS sensor.

With the increasing number of smart phones, CMOS sensors have become ubiquitous in their use for digital cameras. In order to obtain clear, sharp and high resolution pictures the micro lenses covering the surface of the CMOS sensor must be manufactured precisely.

The micro lens array at the surface of a sensor is studied here using Tosca™ 400 and Tosca™ Analysis software to investigate their size, shape and roughness.


A CMOS sensor was carefully extracted from an iphone 3GS camera. The micro lens array surface of the sensor was imaged using Tosca™ 400 at ambient conditions. Image processing and analysis were done using the Tosca™ Analysis software.

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