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Quality control during wine production

Sugar contained in must can be measured - based on the density

Sugar - a quality-influencing factor

The sugar contained in grape juice (must) strongly affects the quality of the resulting wine. The more sugar in the must, the higher the density and the higher the alcohol content of the resulting wine. During the fermentation of must, the density of the must decreases as sugar turns into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The fermentation speed is a crucial step in this process: the quicker the fermentation, the more aromas are lost along with the carbon dioxide. Performing daily density checks enables winemakers to step in if the fermentation proceeds too fast or stops unexpectedly.

Results at first glance, directly at the tank

With DMA™ 35, the portable density meter from Anton Paar, winemakers can perform quick density checks directly at the fermentation tank, without the need to take the sample to a lab. Only a few milliliters of sample are required for measuring the density and temperature.

With the proven oscillating U-tube principle the DMA™ 35 delivers the result within seconds. Samples are measured five times faster than with previously used hydrometers.

Results and sampling points – clearly related

The robust instrument calculates the sugar concentration based on the density and displays the result in the preferred unit (°Brix, °KMW, Öchsle, Baumé, etc.). Barrels or tanks can be identified via RFID tags. The ID is stored with the result enabling calculation of statistics on a PC after data export.

DMA™ 35 can also be used …

  • to check the correct dosage of SO2 – added to the wine for preservation purposes.
  • to measure the alcohol content of distillates – based on density.

Good to know

  • Portable instrument for quick measurements directly on site
  • Measures density at ambient temperature
  • Automatically calculates and displays the sugar concentration
  • Uses the oscillating U-tube technology
  • Sample filling via built-in pump or syringe