Wort Aeration: Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen

Inline monitoring of dissolved gases with robust and diverse process sensors is mandatory for beer quality assessment. An outstanding example is the monitoring of dissolved oxygen (DO) which is unwanted in the final product. It reduces the quality and decreases the shelf life of beer in the final package. Nevertheless, oxygen plays a vital role during the early stage of fermentation, where it is genuinely essential for the yeast growth. Furthermore, the yield of several wanted and unwanted significant flavor compounds greatly depends on the amount of oxygen supplied to the cold wort. 

When it comes to measuring DO in all kinds of beverages Anton Paar’s product portfolio includes inline, at-line, and laboratory instruments. Monitoring wort aeration with the inline sensor Oxy 510 enables consistent and accurate aeration and improved planning of fermentation times. On top of that, to prevent losses of pure oxygen an inline measurement is mandatory. The webinar gives an overview of the measurement of DO in cold wort and shows how to obtain real-time information for an aeration system. Key points of the webinar will include:

  • Impact of wort aeration on the quality of the final product and the brewing process
  • Overview of different aeration techniques (using sterile air and pure oxygen)
  • The importance of monitoring dissolved oxygen in cold wort
  • The principles of DO measurement
  • Integrating the inline sensor into the aeration system
  • Explanation of application essentials
  • Overview of the Anton Paar instruments which measure DO in beverages (including inline, at-line, and laboratory instruments)


Aufzeichnung verfügbar
Vitan Tursic, Jörg-Christian Seit (English)
Vitan Tursic

Vitan Turšič had his educational focus in chemical engineering with concentration on continuous manufacturing and process analytical technology. His work experience includes years of process plant engineering on the manufacturing scale and application development for inline reaction monitoring.


Vitan has been working for Anton Paar since 2017 as a Product and Application Specialist for Process Sensors including the sensors for inline monitoring of color, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide.


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