Petroleum industry: measuring density at key points

Find out how you as a company in the oil industry can improve productivity and product quality by using the core parameter density. Density measurement is performed from upstream to downstream, in the laboratory as well as on-site – there is a solution for every step in the petroleum industry. This webinar presents Anton Paar’s whole density portfolio for the petroleum industry with its outstanding features like Ex certification and full ASTM compliance.

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Dr. Barbara Klug-Santner (English)
Barbara Klug-Santner

Barbara Klug-Santner obtained her PhD at the Institute for Environmental Biotechnology at the Technical University of Graz. She has been working at Anton Paar since 2006. In the last 13 years she has become an expert in density measurement and is currently working as a product manager for the portable density meters, the small benchtop density meters, and the Millikelvin thermometers.


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