LIVE DEMO: Viscosity test of Hydroxyethylcellulose according to USP and Ph. Eur. with ViscoQC to ensure highest data quality


Join our live demo and learn how a compliant measurement of Hydroxyethylcellulose, according to USP and Ph. Eur., is performed with a rotational viscometer. See how ViscoQC, with the unique air-cooled Peltier temperature device PTD 80, makes user errors impossible: Automatic leveling check, automatic spindle recognition, and sample temperature control by T-Ready™ ensure top measurement accuracy. Plus, powerful compliance software is available for ViscoQC.
You'll also learn, in our demo, how you can profit from the automatic flow of data to your data management system, with the lab execution software AP Connect – which significantly reduces the time you spend on data handling, and ensures your data is of the highest quality. Multiple Anton Paar instruments, as well as devices from other suppliers, can be integrated for data collection. Reduce the risk of data manipulation with features like audit trail, electronic signature and customizable user management; guarantee easy instrument qualification and subsequent audits.
And finally, don't miss the chance to chat with an Anton Paar viscosity expert!

Sprache: English
Vortragende: MSc Tamara Kurzmann
Tamara Kurzmann

Tamara Kurzmann ist Anwendungsspezialistin für Viskometer bei Anton Paar. In dieser Funktion testet sie mit Rotationsviskosimetern wasserähnliche bis pastöse Proben und unterstützt damit Kundinnen und Kunden in sämtlichen Fragen der Qualitätskontrolle. Für jede Probe – auch für klebrige – gibt es das geeignete Viskosimeter.


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