LIVE DEMO: Faster viscosity tests for facial cream


Join our live online demo on facial cream analysis to see how the motorized stand adapter Heli-Plus automatically moves the ViscoQC head up and down, to measure non-flowing substances. Watch us digitally define measurement positions, with on-screen start-up for fully automated test procedures. The magnetic coupling also reduces maintenance costs because the spindles and instrument are protected against damage caused by knocks or bending. The automatic recognition of the T-bar spindle type by ViscoQC reduces user error rates, producing reliable and traceable viscosity results – a quality-control boost.

And finally, you’ll be able to chat to an Anton Paar viscosity expert.

Datum: 2021-05-20, 15:30 - 16:00 (CEST UTC+02:00)
Sprache: English
Vortragende: MSc Tamara Kurzmann

Tamara Kurzmann works as application specialist for viscometers at Anton Paar. Her job is to test water-like up to paste-like samples with rotational viscometers to figure out the best solution for your daily problems. Each sample - even a sticky one - finds its viscometer. Solving your problems in quality control is her challenge.