Chemisorption for Catalysis Characterization

Chemisorption is one of the most useful techniques to characterize the heterogenous catalysts. In contrast to physisorption, chemisorption involves the formation of strong bonds between adsorbate molecules and specific surface locations known as active sites.  During this webinar, we will focus on analyzing extensive catalyst characteristics through inert and active gas absorption. The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Chemisorption isotherms and their significance
  • Automatic and Manual pulse titration
  • Temperature programmed reactions ( TPR/TPO/TPD)
  • Deconvolution of peaks and QC-fit software
  • Determination of active surface area, dispersion and average crystallite size
Dr. Rishi Gupta (English)
Rishi Gupta

Dr. Gupta earned his doctorate and post-doctoral degrees from the University of Delhi, and he is currently employed as Technical Manager with Anton Paar India's Characterization Division in Gurugram, Haryana. He has over 15 years of expertise working with catalytic reactions and analytical instruments. Dr. Gupta has over 40 international papers to his name, with around 3000 citations. Dr. Gupta also has extensive experience in porous material characterization and catalyst efficiency evaluation utilizing Gas Sorption Techniques  and has led various training programs on the subject.


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