All-in-one solution delivers the fastest, most precise alcohol, OE, and CO2 monitoring

Anton Paar has launched a brand-new, all-in-one blending, carbonating, and dosing system, specially designed for craft brewers: Flex-Blend 3000.
Flex-Blend 3000 delivers the fastest continuous measurement of concentration values on the market (one second measuring cycles). By doing so, it ensures rapid and precise control of ABV, OE, and CO2 – with zero compromise on quality or specifications and at a top price-performance ratio.
Simple and powerful multiproduct management stands for smart recipe management of multiple products, leading to improved batch-to-batch continuity with less waste and higher productivity. Craft brewers can now unleash the full power of their creativity.

  • High-tech sensors ensuring continuous, accurate measurements for superb quality control (e.g., precision of up to 0.02 % ABV and 0.05 g/L CO2)
  • Intelligent recipe management via integrated PLC with a touchscreen to simplify handling of multiple products and production batches
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), performed in Austria, for coverage of the customer’s full production spectrum

Flex-Blend 3000: Unleash your Creativity.

Mr. Martin Apschner, Mr Daniel Gore (English)
Martin Apschner

Mr. Martin Apschner holds a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering and Control Technology from Technical University of Graz. He joined Anton Paar in 2010 and is leading the Department of Process Engineering Solutions.


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