Polarimeters for Processing Applications

The Propol process polarimeter is ideal for process applications on chiral compounds such as sugars and pharmaceuticals. It is designed to be placed inline or in bypass allowing continuous measurements.

Detection of optical rotation in process applications

Determination of optical rotation in online and inline processes is essential for concentration measurements on carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, fragrances and many other chiral compounds. However, conventional polarimeters cannot be used in process applications as their design does not allow the instrument’s connection to inline and online processes. Anton Paar's process polarimeter Propol is designed to meet the special needs in processing applications. It can be placed just around the process tube, which makes the Propol an ideal instrument for continuous monitoring of chiral compounds.

Propol operates according to the principle of magneto-optic compensation and does not require any moving parts. It is nearly maintenance-free, a feature that is unique to Anton Paar’s Propol process polarimeter.

Propol for inline and online detection of optical rotation

Propol’s measuring range of ±6.000° with an accuracy of 0.001° allows a concentration measurement as accurate as 0.001 %. The LED light source has a life time of 100,000 hours, which is equal to more than 11 years of continuous measurement. To ensure precise determination of optical rotation, the sample’s temperature is determined with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C, allowing temperature correction of optical rotation when temperature coefficients are known. To meet the highest safety regulations, Propol can also be equipped with a closed-air pressured enclosure system to meet ATEX requirements.

Depending on the chosen sample cell, Propol may only require microliter amounts of sample. All those features make Propol a valuable instrument for analysis of chiral compounds in inline and online process applications.

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Good to know

The Propol process polarimeter works according to the principle of magneto-optic compensation, making it a robust instrument for process measurements.