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The pharmaceutical market shows a strong demand for efficient and improved synthesis methods of active components (APIs) as well as for effective analysis methods.


Efficient Synthesis and Accurate Analysis

In a century where time equals money, the use of efficient methods for fast and convenient synthesis is indispensable. Consequently, microwave reactors are highly appreciated tools, since they enable to reduce reaction times from days or hours down to minutes or even seconds and furthermore allow convenient operation, even at high pressures and temperatures.

But not only the synthesis of APIs is important, also their analysis plays a highly important role. Especially since the Contergan-disaster in the late 1950s, intensive testing of new compounds is a must! Similar to synthesis, also the analysis process needs to be optimized in terms of time efficiency, convenience and accuracy.

Global players in pharmaceutical research and production like Novartis, Bayer, BASF, etc. have already chosen Anton Paar as a reliable partner for synthesis and analysis of APIs.

User Benefits - Microwave Synthesis Reactors

  • Time efficiency 
    Reduced reaction times down to minutes or even seconds
  • Chemical efficiency 
    Cleaner reactions, less by-products
  • Convenience
    Easy operation even at high pressures and temperatures
  • Versatility
    Automated sequential batch and parallel techniques possible
  • Pharma Qualification
    Software provides 21 CRF part 11 conformity

User Benefits – Polarimetric Measurements

  • Reliability 
    Highest measuring accuracy of optical rotation
  • Convenience
    Maximum user-friendliness
  • Up-to-date 
    Robust design and state-of-the-art data management

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Good to know

Features – Microwave Synthesis

  • Heating up to 300 °C and 80 bar
  • Volumes between 20 μL and 1 L
  • Accurate internal temperature monitoring
  • Solutions for automation or parallel synthesis available

Features – MCP Polarimeter Family

  • Accuracy up to ±0.002°
  • Measuring Range ±89.9°
  • High efficient Peltier temperature control
  • Full compliance with 21 CFR part 11, pharmacopoeias, OIML, ASTM