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Application ADU 5: Distillation of Food Flavors

It is essential for producers of food, flavors or fragrances to check the qualityof their products and formulations. With the test described the quality and accuracy of the formulation of food flavors was analyzed with the ADU 5.

New Application

The ADU 5 was designed to analyze the distillation characteristics of a wide variety of liquid samples containing volatile components to check the quality or the purity of a given sample.

For the quality control of different flavors the ADU 5 was used to extract the ethanol content of flavor samples to determine if the formulation is correct.

Three different flavors have been analyzed:

  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Grape

Before the measurement was started a certain volume was defined as stop condition. The distillation was stopped automatically by the ADU 5 after this predefined volume was reached.

Test Procedure

The ADU 5 offers the possibility to stop a distillation at a predefined volume or sample vapor temperature. For standard applications 100 mL of the sample are used.

For this application an overflow volume of 15 % was set as the distillation end criteria to ensure the extraction of the whole ethanol content of all samples containing different amounts of ethanol. This ensured for every sample that the ethanol vaporizes completely.


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Good to know


The nominal distillation rate was set to a value of 3.0 to 6.0 mL/min to ensure a good control of the heater temperature.

The boiling point of ethanol is around 78 °C. To check the formulation of the flavor, the volume has to be analyzed when the temperature increases above 78 °C.


Test Results of Peach Flavor
Recovered Volume [%]

Recovered Temperature [%]

Corrected Temperature Reading [°C]

Stopping the distillation at 15 % enables the user to perform a further analysis with the remaining 85 % of the sample.


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