Application PNR 12: Penetration of Bitumen

The Penetrometer PNR 12 is suitable for the determination of the consistency of highly viscous material like bitumen. Customized with various test kits it will perform tests according to different standards, with manual or automatic surface detection.

Easy Surface Detection

Bitumen with a shiny surface shows a reflection of the needle, other bitumen types only a hardly visible shadow.  It requires a lot of practice and experience to set the needle in the right position on the surface of a sample, especially under a layer of water.

To assure the precise adjustment and measurement even by inexperienced personal the PNR 12 offers a test program, suitable for bitumen samples <160 Penetration Units; with automatic surface detection and positioning of the test body.
Even the Bitumen classification according EN 1426 is simplified, due to the automatic data conversion of the penetration depth indicated in Penetration Units [PU].

High Efficiency Due to Flexibility

To meet the individual requirements for bituminous material, various test kits and accessories are available for PNR 12. Tests according to ASTM D5 and EN 1426 are supported by pre-set programs for manual surface detection or for automatic surface detection. Individual parameter settings can be stored, too.

Patented Sensor Plunger

For temperature related measurements a temperature sensor can be attached, while the sample is kept on a constant temperature in a special bath on the PNR 12 table. The patented sensor plunger will detect the surface of samples even underneath a layer of water. It starts the standardized test sequence automatically.

Fig. 1: Automatic surface detection under water

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Good to know

For your convenience the PNR 12 offers:

  • Manual & electronic positioning of the test body
  • Automatic surface detection by patented plunger
  • Pre-set & individually programmable parameters
  • Automatic data conversion to bitumen classification EN 1426
  • Statistical and database functionality
  • Temperature related measurements